We're a passionate group of single dads that provide leadership, strength, forgiveness, healing, love and fun for your families in the face of a "father absence" trend.  We makes sacrifices on every level to protect and provide for our children no matter what. 

Since 2007, Dads24/7 has provided guidance to nearly 1,000 single dads and their children. Dads are connecting and creating a new legacy. 

Dads 24/7 is "one-stop storefront" where dads can find counseling, child care, financial advice, support groups, seminars, legal referrals, and dozens of other services after a divorce, family breakup, or spouse’s death. Dads 24/7 is  partnering with faith based groups, legal firms, doctors, schools, day care providers, and other community leaders to reach single dads.

It can be overwhelming and scary at times to be a a single dad 24/7, but remember, our kids need us and want us to have a relationship with them, and we can do it!