Single Dad's Manifesto

You are your child's first hero. Be worthy. They need you and they want you. Be not afraid.  Don’t turn away from your responsibilities. Man up. Dad up. Lead the way.

You are not alone. We are your support team, your pit crew. We will be with you from the moment of the breakup until you become a mentor of men. We honor and are all learning.

Feel your pain, fear, anger and hurt. And get through it and move on. Respect the mother of your children. Do what is right. This is about your kids, and who you are in their eyes and hearts. You are a role model and they hang on to your every word and action. You matter.

Father fierce, forever. Be courageous, focused and determined.  No one will love and protect your kids as much as you and their Mother. We are here to guide, encourage and empower you on a life long journey fueled with love and passion. It's for your children and their future.

You will make a difference - you leave a legacy no matter what.  It's your choice. Leave what you will be proud of. 

We are leaders of men, in policy and action, united for families. Our honor begins at home.  You're the man--and a dad.